Stop supply chain attacks during CI/CD builds

Detect malicious open source dependencies and implement network egress controls inside GitHub actions.

Runtime security monitoring for your CI/CD pipelines

Detect malicious activity, tampering and exfiltration in your dependencies and build processes. Protect your applications, data and assets from breaches—in time.

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"CI/CD environments have become attractive targets for malicious cyber actors aiming to introduce malicious code, steal intellectual property, or cause denial of service attacks against applications." — CISA and NSA
The need of the hour
"There should be enhanced real-time monitoring and alerting mechanisms to detect suspicious activities in CI/CD servers, especially activities that might indicate the exfiltration of sensitive data or the tampering of builds." – NIST Guidance SP 800-204D
Deploy and Forget
Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, enforce policies and let us do the heavy lifting. Get alerted inside your existing tools through webhooks.

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