Supply Chain Security for CI/CD uses runtime analysis to detect and block suspicious dependencies and network activity in your build pipelines. Prevent supply chain attacks like SolarWinds, Codecov and event-stream before they cause harm.

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Holistic visibility against modern supply chain threats

Gain full, continuous observability of your supply chain within minutes. provides deep context into your dev pipelines and assets, allowing you to enforce the right controls best suited for your environment.

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Stay ahead of unknown threats
Proactively detect sophisticated and targeted attacks that target developer infrastructure to steal credentials, keys, and sensitive data - before they're known or published in CVE databases.
Not another dependency scanner
Gain holistic visibility of application risk posture in real-time, powered by runtime context. Cover blind spots that traditional, static scanners miss.
Fast track compliance for NIST
Comply with NIST 800-204D, FedRAMP, and SLSA standards through a comprehensive solution covering build hardening, artifact integrity and exfiltration monitoring for your CI/CD pipelines.

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